I have experience in developing all kinds of websites. In the past I’ve created:

  • Websites for small and local businesses 
  • Dynamic websites for larger businesses
  • Online shops and websites with invoice-payment integration
  • Websites that integrate with other systems, like CRMs/databases
  • A website for a porn-star (yes, really!)
  • Websites in other languages


I can help businesses use technology to increase their productivity and profits. I believe that when implemented correctly, technology should drive a business, not hinder it.

I analyse how businesses are currently using technology and I can advise them on what changes they can make to ensure that their technology is working in their best interests.

Such changes can be as simple as deploying some new software, tweaking some workflows, or revamping a website, but sometimes it might involve a complete overhaul of a business’ IT infrastructure. No job is too big or too small for me to take on.

I will stick around to help implement any changes that I recommend, and I can provide followup technical support if it is needed.

I keep my finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, so I am readily able to analyse and advise businesses of any size, in any industry.

Technical Support

I can provide technical support for a business’ IT infrastructure, whether software or hardware, and I can diagnose problems and get things repaired and reloaded. 

I’m very happy to provide support at any hour of the day or night. I once spent the night in a client’s server room to ensure that their systems were fully functional by the morning — if that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is.